White Oak Detailing is pleased to offer the first every fully contactless detail. We launched this service not only because of the Covid-19 pandemic but also to cater to all our customers from those who cannot be home, those who do not feel comfortable conversing with strangers, or even those who are booked out in meetings and can not leave their desk. How does it work?

  1. Book your car in for your chosen service

  2. In the notes, write contactless detailing service at checkout

  3. In the notes, please describe where the power connection is and the tap. we can connect our extension cords to an existing extension cord if you hang one out the window if no external powerpoints are present

  4. Leave the key in a safe location and inform us before our arrival so we can retrieve it.

  5. We will set up and complete the detail, then drop the key in the safe spot that has been established.

  6. We will send through an invoice for payment via bank transfer within 24 hours of the completed service.

At the beginning of each service, we document the condition of each car with photos, any issues that we believe may prevent us from completing a detailing, we will contact the owner and discuss these potential issues. 

Australia's First Fully Contactless Detailing Service